Valve service

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Valve service

Veltec services valves at various types of plants in the energy sector and the process industry. We perform valve service and maintenance, including grinding, pressure testing and renovation or replacement if necessary.

At Veltec, we perform periodic inspections, where we service and inspect the valves.

We always have the necessary spare parts and tools in our service cars so that we can get to our customers quickly.

We offer:

  • Renovation and testing of safety valves
  • Renovation and testing of pressure-vacuum valves
  • Renovation and pressure testing of shut-off valves
  • Renovation of control valves
  • Reconstruction of manually operated valves for operation with actuator
  • Calibration of safety valves

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Responsible for pump and valve service, mobile machining and controlled bolt tensioning.

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Sikkerhedsventiler Stenlille Gaslager

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Veltec Industrial Services har i en årrække udført verifikation af sikkerhedsventiler for Gas Storage Denmark A/S, Stenlille Gaslager, siden 2018 er dette udført iht. rammeaftale.

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