Turnaround, shutdown, and modifications


Veltec is a strong partner regarding complex turnaround and shut-down projects as well as modifications.

At Veltec, we have extensive experience in this type of project – regardless of size. We have carried out projects with up to 500 Veltec employees.

We undertake all phases of the project and ensure that the projects are completed on time and in accordance with the QHSE requirements.

In connection with turnaround, shut-down and modifications, we participate in both consulting and detailed planning, as well as in the execution of the project – also as the main contractor.

Turnaround and shutdown

Turnaround and shutdown projects take place at refineries, chemical plants, FPSO. For turnaround and shut-down projects, we can participate in everything from planning to execution and final documentation.


For modifications of power plants and district heating plants, Veltec is ready with our competent crew. We have experience with power stations that use the following types of fuel: coal, oil, gas, and biomass.

Are you starting a project?

Tell us about the project. We are ready to guide you so you can be safe during the whole process.

Contact Per Jørgensen

Responsible for storage tanks, pipe installations, turnaround and shut-down, mechanical maintenance and steel construction.

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