Plastic and fibreglass


Veltec’s plastics department has continuously remained specialised.

We have a great amount of experience and we offer work done plastics such as PVC, C-PVC, ABS, PP, PE, PVDF, FEP and MFA – within pipe installations, construction work, platforms, stairs and the like.

We have extensive welding experience with thermo plastic and offer butt welding, infrared welding as well as extrusion and hot air welding. In fibreglass, we perform installations, which are manufactured in respectively epoxy or vinyl ester resin depending on the needs of the customer.

In connection with fibreglass, our employees are certified within both glued and laminated joints.

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At Veltec, we perform work with plastics in relation to the requirements that our industrial customers may set. There are many benefits of using plastic.


Veltec’s plastics department specialises in working with fibreglass.
Our skills cover both epoxy as well as vinyl ester resin.

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Responsible for plastic and fibreglass.

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