Pump and valve service


Veltec has a specialised department for pump and valve service.

We have the right skills to be able to service, repair and maintain your pumps and valves.

Veltec has a special workshop as well as mobile equipment for repair and maintenance of pumps, valves and associated equipment.

With a service agreement with Veltec, errors or complications that can have major consequences for your system are minimised.

Read more about our many references within pump service and valve service.

Pump service

Veltec services pumps and components at many different types of plants. At Veltec, we perform periodic inspections, where we service and inspect pumps.

Valve service

Veltec services valves at various types of plants in the energy sector and the process industry. We perform valve service and maintenance, including grinding, pressure testing and renovation or replacement if necessary.

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Contact Steen Andersen

Responsible for pump and valve service, mobile machining and controlled bolt tensioning.

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Sikkerhedsventiler Novozymes

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Siden 2000 har Veltec Industrial Services udført verifikation af sikkerhedsventiler for den bioteknologiske virksomhed Novozymes A/S på deres lokation i Kalundborg

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