Turnaround and shutdown

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At Veltec, we have extensive experience in this type of project regardless of size and scope.

Turnaround and shut-down projects take place at refineries, chemical plants, FPSO. For turnaround and shut-down projects, we can participate in everything from planning to execution and final documentation.

The projects are carried out with a strong focus on QHSE and adherence to schedules.

For turnarounds and shut-downs, the following services are offered:

  • Opening and closing of heat exchangers
  • Pulling and inserting of heat exchanger bundles
  • Pressure testing of heat exchangers
  • Spade work
  • Opening and closing of towers
  • Replacement and repair of bottoms in towers
  • Opening and closing of vats and containers
  • Welding repairs
  • Pump and valve service
  • Mechanical service on coolers
  • Opening and closing heaters and replacing pipes on heaters
  • Controlled bolt tensioning/bolt stretching
  • Opening and closing of reactors
  • Re-tubing of heat exchangers, coolers and condenser

In addition, we offer cleaning and inspection of equipment in collaboration with experienced subcontractors.

See our many references within turnarounds and shut-downs.

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Responsible for storage tanks, pipe installations, turnaround and shut-down, mechanical maintenance and steel construction.

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