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At Veltec, we have extensive experience with modifications

For modifications of power stations and district heating plants, Veltec is ready with our competent crew. We have experience with power stations that use the following types of fuel: coal, oil, gas and biomass.

For modifications, we offer:

  • Boiler service, including repair and replacement of pipes.
  • Renovation of coal or wood mills.
  • Renovation of burners
  • Pump and valve service
  • Renovation of conveyor belts and systems
  • Renovation of desulphurisation plants
  • Renovation of flue gas filter
  • Repair welding
  • Air duct work
  • Renovation of ash plant
  • Mobile machinery, including machining work
  • Renovation of water treatment plant made of plastic
  • Renovation of water treatment plant made of steel
  • Repair and construction of pressure equipment

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Responsible for storage tanks, pipe installations, turnaround and shut-down, mechanical maintenance and steel construction.

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