Tank projects EPCI

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Tank projects EPCI

At Veltec, we build new tanks as EPCI projects, where we are the main contractor. With our expertise and many years of experience, we are responsible for the design, construction, procurement, installation, and inspection of many different tank services.

We offer:

  • Storage tanks
  • Gas tanks
  • Oil tanks
  • Fixed roof tanks
  • Floating roof for tanks
  • Double floating roof for tanks
  • Double-walled tanks

In addition, we also offer foam and sprinkler systems in accordance with current requirements.

We design and build tanks according to: DS/EM 14015, API650, NFPA11 and NFPA15 as well as national standards. Our project managers plan the projects in collaboration with the customer and in accordance with their needs and standards, while our internal technicians carry out 3D drawings of the projects according to agreement.

If you are having to embark on new projects where tanks need to be built, Veltec is ready to help you.

Contact our tank manager directly and find out more about what we can offer you.

Are you starting a project?

Tell us about the project. We are ready to guide you so you can be safe during the whole process.

Contact Per Jørgensen

Responsible for storage tanks, pipe installations, turnaround and shut-down, mechanical maintenance and steel construction.

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